The Smart Choice for…

Outsourced Accounting Services for Nonprofits

The Smart Choice for…

Outsourced Accounting Services for Nonprofits

Running a nonprofit is challenging, rewarding work. At Signature Analytics, we have an entire team dedicated to serving nonprofits through outsourced accounting and CFO-level business advisory services.

Better, clearer, more efficient accounting lowers operational costs, identifies inefficiencies, and helps you make smart and informed decisions about how to make the most of every dollar.

Our mission is to amplify your impact.

The right team to support your mission

Get outsourced accounting that makes running your nonprofit easier.

Audit preparation, day-to-day accounting, and financial compliance support

We treat our nonprofits with respect and act as a member of the team.  It is our privilege to serve our nonprofit clients and support their mission by providing the kind of accurate and trustworthy reporting that gives their Boards of Directors confidence in the way the organization is being run.  Our long history with nonprofits speaks to the commitment we have and the relationships we build with our NFP partners. 

We support nonprofits as they navigate upgrades to their technology and improvements to their financial management because we know that with better financial management, your mission can thrive.

Audit Preparation

Annual Audits de-Stressed

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the regulations your nonprofit organization must follow? Do you dread the thought of an impending audit, even with a competent accounting department? You’re not alone.

Nonprofits prioritize keeping operational costs low to better serve their cause, and audits can be an added burden on already lean accounting departments. That’s where Signature Analytics comes in.

We specialize in supporting mid-sized and larger nonprofit organizations across the country. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you prepare your financial statements and pass your annual audit with confidence. Don’t let the fear of an audit hold you back from making a difference. Get the support you need with an outsourced accounting team.

Day to Day Accounting

Day-to-day process improvements

Help so you can run your organization and deliver on your commitment to your community.

  • Manage your accounting team
  • Perform day-to-day accounting tasks
  • Train your team for efficiency and accuracy
  • Ensure that the donors’ earmarked funds are accurately allocated
  • Implement training processes for technologies

Technology Improvements

Intentional Integrated Technology Solutions

Signature Analytics provides a clear roadmap of what technologies are right to support your nonprofit.  Our Financial Intelligence Technology (FIT)  helps assess the efficacy of accounting technology and how it integrates with other systems needed to run your organization.

  • A technology improvement roadmap with recommendations
  • Workflow and process recommendations follow with supporting solutions and benefits

Board Reporting

Sophisticated Reporting for Experienced Boards

As your nonprofit grows, Boards of Directors may require more advanced reporting.

  • Sophisticated financial reports delivered monthly
  • Develop KPIs
  • Actionable reporting that tells the story behind the numbers

FASB pronouncement compliance

Implementation before compliance is an issue.

New Pronouncement requirements from FASB are a constant source of accounting department stress.  The requirements can easily creep up on a nonprofit. We are on top of and able to implement pronouncements before compliance becomes a problem. 

Case Stories & Case Studies

Case studies may be more familiar to you than case stories.  A case study highlights a specific relationship and calls out that organization for all they have achieved.

Where organizations are constrained in their ability to promote outside relationships, case stories take some details from several client relationships and merge them into one narrative. A case story conveys the work that is done, and the impact that is provided without highlighting a specific relationship.