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Commonly Asked Questions

Unsure if you’re a good fit or still have unresolved questions you want answered? New to fractional services or outsourcing – well look no further as we [hopefully] have answers to all your questions. Or just give us a call!

How do you work with us?

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We are set up to provide full-service remote support for all of our clients. The Signature Analytics team may work on-site with you and your existing team if your company based near one of our 4 offices located in Southern California. Our model provides flexibility which always allows us to be available when needed to support your business.

What roles does your team consist of?

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With our comprehensive accounting and business advisory solution, you will have access to a dedicated team of expert-level staff accountants, accounting managers, financial analysts, controllers, and CFOs. We charge hourly based on the time you need to reach your business goals in alignment with your predetermined monthly budget.

What accounting software does Signature Analytics support?

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With our collective experience, our team is proficient in a variety of different software platforms to support our clients. We can quickly adapt to the software platforms that your company is currently using. Also, the Signature Analytics team will provide technology-based recommendations to improve efficiency and lower costs.

Day to Day Accounting

We manage your accounting and financial reporting, so you can focus on your business.

Go Beyond The Numbers

Our team goes beyond the numbers to help improve your business performance and achieve your goals.

Business AdvisorY

Our CFOs and business advisory experts guide your journey to success and provide accountability along the way.