Creating Comp Plans for Employees Based on Business Goals – Webinar


Signature Analytics recently held a webinar covering the topic of creating compensation plans for employees based on business goals. Signature Analytics’ President, Jason Kruger, was the speaker and discussed various strategies and best practices to better align employee compensation plans to business goals. This webinar covers:

  1. Starting with Clean Data – employee compensation plans are modeled to drive behavior towards a common set of goals. Learn what you should review and clean up first to deliver complete, accurate, and timely financial data used to benchmark performance.
  2. Creating and Measuring the Right KPIs – your employees need a cohesive, common roadmap for mutual success, that focus on the metrics that matter.
  3. Learning to Drive and Sustain Profitable Growth Strategies – do this smartly and consistently by modeling best practice sales commissions plans that incentivize the right behaviors, ensuring consistency and accuracy e.g. on time expense reports and time sheets.

Watch the full webinar below:

About Signature Analytics

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