Lacking solid investor report providing little insight for investors


Lack of investor reporting to satisfy shareholders. A biotechnology company did not have valuable financial information to help facilitate their Board of Directors meetings. The CEO was embarrassed that he was only able to provide financial statements directly from their accounting system, which were difficult for the board members to interpret.

Signature Analytics’ Solution:

We prepared robust, professional-looking management reports. Our monthly board reporting presentation showcased the company’s financial information in a professional manner. We also incorporated graphs and charts to help visualize the data and included commentary on any significant transactions.

investor reporting gross margin analysis
investor reporting working capital trends

Through our reporting, we provided a foundation for meaningful conversations with the board. The CEO distributed the report to board members before their meetings. Doing so allowed them to review the trends of the company’s operations, which helped make appropriate decisions – something that had been more challenging in the past. They were previously flying blind, so having access to these reports ultimately provided more confidence in the business’s future direction and greater peace of mind. 

ROI: Increased Credibility with Board Members & Improved Meeting Productivity

The CEO felt better prepared for board meetings. During the sessions, he focused conversations on key company issues rather than expending time explaining financial results to the group. As a result, the meetings were more efficient and facilitated meaningful discussions, ultimately leading to improved decision making.

Best Practices for Investor Reporting

  • Communicate financial information in an organized and easy to understand format
    • Often a picture or graph is more meaningful than lists of numbers or a spreadsheet
    • Showing trends helps managers visualize projections and see the big picture
  • Let data drive better decision making, don’t depend solely on “gut” decision making
  • A professional presentation imparts confidence and credibility in the numbers
  • Greater visibility from your board of directors typically imparts greater trust when asking for more capital or taking risks