Blog Post Roundup: Our Most Popular Articles of 2014


In case you missed them, below is a round-up of our most read blog posts of 2014.

#1Employee Fraud is More Common in Small Businesses – Are you Protected?
Small organizations (those with less than 100 employees) continue to be the most common victims of organizational fraud reporting 28.8% of all fraud instances in 2014. In this post, learn why small businesses are at an increased risk and the 7 things small business owners can do to protect their company. Read this post →

#2Analyzing Employee Utilization Rates to Drive Profitability
Knowing where and how employees are spending their time enables professional services firms to appropriately set their rates, properly asses how much to invoice clients, and determine if they are over or understaffed. Therefore, it is imperative for all professional services firms to analyze employee utilization. In this post we explain how utilization summary reports and if-then analyses will enable you to analyze utilization rates and make key strategic decisions that drive profitability. Read this post →

#3Preparing for an Annual Audit: Eliminate the Pain and Overage Fees
If your company is looking for financing from investors or financial institutions, considering a potential acquisition, or foresees an IPO within the next 3 years, you may need to have an annual financial statement review or audit. If you’re not prepared, the process can be an expensive undertaking, both in employee time and company money. It does not have to be though! This post identifies ways to eliminate the pain and overage fees from the annual audit process. Read this post →

#48 Things to Consider When Creating an Annual Budget for your Business
Budgeting is not always a key focus of small and mid-size businesses, but it should be. If you are overwhelmed by the budgeting process, or just don’t know where to begin, this post highlights some tips and considerations to help you get started. Read this post →

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