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Why Growing Companies Work With Us?

Our clients work with us because they want to elevate their performance. By choosing Signature Analytics, you can expect us to evaluate your needs, control costs, reduce risk, add value to your company, and help your business reach its full potential.

What Our Clients Say…

We help companies create efficient and effective accounting processes and procedures.

“Where others had failed in the past, Signature Analytics was able to come in and bring order to our financial information within the first month of our relationship. Signature Analytics has been proactive in all areas of our business, including introductions to other key business advisors, assistance with ongoing financing, development of Key Performance Indicators and projections, and analysis of ongoing cash management.”


We help companies increase profitability and promote scalability.

“We initially hired Signature Analytics to manage our basic accounting operations, but soon realized that finance can help drive so many more aspects of our business. The employee utilization analysis alone has enabled us to significantly increase our profits and scalability. We would (and do!) recommend them to every business who can’t afford a full-time accounting team.”

Marketing Agency

We help companies improve accounting and financial information accuracy.

“Signature Analytics has been an invaluable adviser to our company and has integrated themselves into the fabric of our business. They understand our core beliefs and what we are trying to accomplish. Through their guidance, we now have accurate accounting records that we can rely on, to go with new SBA financing to further grow our business.”

Laboratory Service Provider

How Can We Help?

Working with hundreds of clients across a variety of industries, we understand the stage your business is in is as important as the industry. How do you describe your business?


Startups have unique challenges and often lack resources. An entrepreneur’s focus is on the product or service and needs assistance in developing the organization and business.


Growth companies need capital to support their increasing development. Our team can help with cash flow forecasting, obtaining capital, and scalable resources to support your goals.


Mature businesses may require assistance in boosting growth or profitability. We provide guidance on managing your core business and analysis to support better decision making to achieve your goals.


Our team can assist in the accounting and financial planning you need to stabilize your company and make better decisions. We also have a large network of best in class service providers that can help you move forward and improve your business.

Who We Work With

Our clients typically have revenues ranging from $5 million to $100 million.

Our team of professionals has expertise spanning across industries ranging from innovative start-ups to well-established businesses.

Where does your company fit?

Special Characteristics

Signature Analytics recognizes that certain business events or structures have unique opportunities and challenges. We have significant experience across many industries and technologies. Here are some common examples:

Mergers and Acquisitions

Accurate financial data is important to support your valuation and get the deal done. In addition, M&A transactions create a lot of work for your internal team. Let us help!

Family Business

Family business dynamics are unique. We have significant experience working with family businesses and helping them achieve their goals.


Non-Profit accounting and financial reporting is unique. We are experts and work with many non-profits. Let us help you achieve your goals.

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It takes village to make a business successful. The Signature Analytics team goes beyond the numbers to help improve your business performance and achieve your goals.


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