Signature Analytics Voted San Diego Business Journal 2017 Best Places to Work

SDJB Best Places to Work

Here at Signature Analytics, we’re all about helping companies improve their day-to-day finance and accounting. But behind the scenes, our team is more than just number crunching journal jugglers and financial gurus.

Over the past year, Signature Analytics has continued to develop and grow: from moving into our new San Diego office space, to the addition of new team members, and building a culture that reflects our values. We are proud of creating an environment designed to inspire collaboration and promote work-life balance.

So it is an honor that our team has voted Signature Analytics to San Diego Business Journal’s 2017 Best Places to Work.

“This is the best place on Earth to work!”

Romy Smaller, Signature Analytics team member

After all, it’s more than just a beautiful work space and fully stocked kitchen that makes a company one of the best places to work: it’s the team. And with that, we just want to say, “Thank you.”