Our Commitment To You During COVID-19

Since 2008, Signature Analytics has been committed to the businesses and communities we serve throughout Southern California and beyond. This year that commitment is more resolute than ever with the impact of COVID-19. With an unprecedented impact on our economy, Signature Analytics is committed more than ever to our stakeholders.

First, we are committed to our employees. As a professional services firm, our employees are our lifeblood, and we must ensure their safety and well-being. To that end, we have taken the following steps to ensure a healthy and safe environment remains in place for our employees.

Our Commitment to Employees

  1. Work from Home Policy for employees to reduce the risk of contamination
  2. Virtually holding all non-essential meetings
  3. Multiple web conference check-ins weekly
  4. If in-person meetings must be held, they are limited to groups of 5 people or less
  5. Anyone showing any sign of illness has been asked to remain home
  6. PTO and Sick policy to support affected staff members who test positive for COVID-19

Second, our commitment is stronger than ever to our clients. Before this crisis, our team of professionals provided valuable financial and operational information proactively and thoughtfully to help clients make the best decisions possible.

Now, due to COVID-19, our teams are supporting our clients with heightened urgency to make the best decisions possible with limited resources available and/or to take advantage of opportunities that may arise. To that end, we are working with clients in a variety of ways, including:

Our Commitment to Clients

  1. Providing immediate strategic business planning sessions
  2. Reviewing and analyzing 13-week cash flow and current runway
  3. Prioritizing expenses and negotiating with vendors, banks, landlords to freeze non-essential payments
  4. Reviewing and analyzing sources of capital
  5. Providing direct access to various tools such as a cash flow template and employee planning tool
  6. Creating and examining revenue scenarios to plan for extended disruption
  7. Assessing insurance coverage to recover potential claims from current policies currently in force

Finally, to our partners in the business community, our commitment to you is rock solid. Our clients and valued business relationships are going through a historic period of uncertainty. Our business communities are looking to us for guidance on how we can help steer them through these rough waters back to a place of prosperity. Signature Analytics stands ready to partner with you, standing by our promise to add value to your clients by:

Our Commitment to Partners

  1. Scheduling phone calls or web meetings to discuss needs and answer questions
  2. Access, publishing, and promotional use of our Coronavirus Business Resource Center
  3. Access to various tools such as the cashflow template and employee planning tools
  4. Virtual networking opportunities to discuss and share best practices

Our Commitment to Our Mission and the Great Business Community

Once again, Signature Analytics is committed to our mission, our employees, our clients, our partners, and the business community we serve. Today more than any other time in our history, together, we will see brighter skies ahead. 


Coronavirus Impact & Business Resources

Businesses are feeling the stress brought on by COVID-19 and have yet to understand the impact. Now more than ever, it's essential to stay informed, react, and plan for the future.