Signature Analytics is honored to have been named a 2022 ‘Best Place to Work’ by the San Diego Business Journal, and to be recognized amongst so many great companies in San Diego.

Each year, the San Diego Business Journal’s Best Places to Work Awards program recognizes outstanding companies whose benefits, policies, and practices are among the best in the region.

Now more than ever, companies have to be more thoughtful, creative, and purposeful about keeping their employees engaged and motivated. Companies that have made the 2022 list have done exactly that.

CEO, Peter Heald says, “We are so honored to have received this award as one of San Diego Business Journal’s Best Places to Work in 2022, marking the third year we have received this accolade. I am grateful to our entire team for their hard work, dedication, and continuous improvement in making Signature Analytics such an incredible place to work.”

How Is a Company Deemed a Best Place to Work?

Each year, San Diego Business Journal partners with Best Companies Group, which manages over 50 Best Places to Work Awards programs on the regional, state, national, and international levels.

Best Places to Work is open to all public and privately held companies for both for-profit and nonprofit to be eligible for consideration. To qualify, however, companies must have a facility here in San Diego as well as a minimum of 15 local employees.

The Best Places to Work Awards program includes 100 San Diego companies. Each San Diego company that applies to be recognized encounters a two-part assessment process, which considers an anonymous employee engagement survey (75%) and the benefits a company offers (25%).

Why is Signature Analytics One of the Best Places to Work?

At Signature Analytics, we pride ourselves on our strong company culture and dedication to our employee growth. Hear it best from our team.

Anthony Sands, Senior Vice President Business Development and Regional Manager at Signature Analytics says, “Working at SA is exciting, engaging with co-workers across multiple clients allows us to be connected in a virtual workspace. The flexibility continues to be a benefit, as our accounting experts work remotely to support clients’ needs. Of course, connecting in-person, during quarterly events contributes to building the culture at Signature Analytics.”

Nancy Wilson, Accounting Manager at Signature Analytics says, “I love working at Signature Analytics because of the flexibility and the support. I work from home, but I don’t work alone. The team is engaging, and I know I always have someone to reach out for help. I am regularly asked by leadership if there is anything I need or any way I can be better supported so I can succeed.”

About Signature Analytics

Founded in 2008, Signature Analytics was created to fill a critical function for CEOs and business owners in small to mid-size companies.

Jason Kruger, Founder and President of Signature Analytics, recognized that many companies required more sophisticated accounting and financial planning services, but not their own full-time accounting staff or full-time CFO.

Signature Analytics provides outsourced accounting solutions that work with businesses’ existing accounting resources to guide leadership and support increased profits and productivity.

Signature Analytics works with a variety of companies with specific expertise in these industries:

  • Non-Profits
  • Professional Services and B2B Service Companies
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Life Sciences
  • Rehab, Recovery, and Wellness Centers

Learn more about Signature Analytics.

We believe greatness is built from the ground up, which is why we invest in recruiting top talent. Since kicking off 2017, we haven’t stopped growing; adding over 30 new employees to our dynamic team and being named the #13 Fastest Growing Private Company by San Diego Business Journal.

Every member of our team has a name, a story, and a voice. We are proud of creating a strong culture at Signature Analytics where our employees can collaborate, grow, and excel in their profession.

And, with a great team like this, happy hours are always a bit happier.


new hires 2017

Say hello to our newest team members!


Interested in a career with us? Check out our openings here:





In case you missed it, Signature Analytics’ Founder and President, Jason Kruger, was featured live this past Saturday on It’s Your Money and Your Life.

Richard and Joe welcomed Jason back as they discussed the benefits of being an agile company, what it takes to be successful and how that success positively effects your clients, along with Signature Analytics’ nomination as one of San Diego’s Top 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies for a second year in a row.

Listen Now:


It’s Your Money and Your Life is a talk radio show on 760AM KMFB San Diego. On the show, Richard Muscio and co-host Joe Vecchio, feature notable guests and provide valuable information on financial and business matters as well as other issues about your life and your leisure.

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Unlimited vacation policies (also known as discretionary time off or unlimited PTO policies) have become increasingly popular as companies are constantly looking for new ways to attract and retain high quality employees. Companies such as Netflix and Virgin have led the way by adopting and implementing unlimited vacation policies which remove the restrictions of a set number of days (vacation, sick, etc.) an employee can take paid time off from work.

Could an Unlimited Vacation Policy Work For Your Company?

pto-policyUnlimited time off policies can benefit both employees and the bottom line, but is it the right fit for your business?

Before adopting an unlimited vacation policy, your company should weigh the benefits and pitfalls listed below. Furthermore, it’s important for a company to determine if such a policy would be a good cultural fit as well. The graphic to the right is from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and includes some great tips for deciding if an unlimited vacation policy is right for your company.


  • Empowers your employees by giving them the flexibility to create their own schedule and sends the message that you trust them to manage their own tasks and responsibilities.
  • Can give your company a competitive edge when recruiting and attracting top-talent.
  • Can result in less administrative work for the company as it relates to tracking time-off requests and vacation accrual balances.
  • The lack of vacation accrual means you do not have to report a liability on your books and you can potentially avoid large PTO accrual payouts when employees leave the company.


  • Employees may be covered by State Disability Insurance and/or the Paid Family Leave Act, which would allow the employee to take paid leave, if eligible. This could lead to abusive activity against the company’s policy to the disadvantage of the company.
  • If you convert to an unlimited vacation policy from another type of PTO policy, you may need to pay out your employees their accrued PTO to-date. This could be a heavy cash flow hardship for the company and should be considered before making a policy change.
  • Each state has different laws and regulations regarding accrued vacation that may make unlimited vacation policies unlawful. These should be looked at prior to implementing a new policy.

Implementing an Unlimited Vacation Policy

Before determining whether your company should adopt an unlimited vacation policy, the current PTO policy, size of the company, and future of the company should all be considered. If you do decide to make the switch, we strongly suggest consulting your legal counsel to assist in writing and creating your policy to avoid any legal woes in the transition.

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