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If you are working in public accounting, now may be the perfect time to reconsider and take what you’ve learned and apply it in a new way – at an outsourced accounting firm like Signature Analytics.

Here are 12 reasons a career with us is the ideal move from public accounting:

#1: Higher Pay

Signature Analytics pays more than the public accounting firms, including a higher base salary and overtime compensation. We also award quarterly bonuses which are tied to personal performance, not the company’s, giving you complete control over what you receive.

#2: Consistent Hours

At Signature Analytics, utilization and billable goals are based on a 45 hour work week. Your hours are more consistent because we provide ongoing accounting support for our clients. 

#3: Forward-Focused Financial Analysis & Reporting

At Signature Analytics, the work we perform for our clients is focused on analyzing real-time business operations and projecting future periods. You gain valuable experience overseeing and/or working in an accounting and finance department, having an opportunity to learn new skills while helping you advance your career.

#4: Positively Impact Your Clients’ Business

Our accountants, especially at the CFO and controller levels, spend a significant amount of time on management/board of director reporting and developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for our clients. At Signature Analytics, you have the opportunity to understand and influence your clients’ businesses, then see those changes come to fruition.

#5: Not Your Typical Busy Season

At Signature Analytics, you get more of your life back. While you will still be managing month-end, quarter-end, and year-end work, the hours are nothing like what you may have experienced while working for a public accounting firm, especially a “Big 4” firm.

#6: Varied Work

Sick of stagnant work? At Signature Analytics, you will provide accounting support to businesses in various industries, including advertising, apparel, biotech, construction, food/beverage, manufacturing, and technology.

#7: Less Stress

At Signature Analytics, you will provide ongoing accounting support to clients rather than working on back-to-back audit engagements, significantly reducing your day-to-day stress.

#8: Have a Direct Impact on Our Growth

Working for a large company, you can feel removed, even ostracized, from the decision makers. At Signature Analytics, you have the opportunity to work side-by-side with the managers making decisions and setting the policies for our company. We encourage our team to support business development activities and contribute ideas to promote future growth.

#9: Interact with Clients

Our accountants work with multiple clients on a daily basis and support a variety of companies in many different industries. From start-ups to well-established businesses, our accountants, at every level, interact directly with their highest levels of management.

#10: Work Alongside Other Accountants

Our team includes some of best and brightest accountants, most of whom came from public accounting. At Signature Analytics, we embrace our diverse skill-sets and backgrounds and encourage learning from each other while continuing to advance your career.

#11: Better Work/Life Balance

In public accounting, long hours can send your work life balance into a tailspin. And while we know you LOVE accounting, having a more manageable schedule means more time for the other things you love, too. Like your Goat Yoga class.

#12: No Travel

Our accountants split their time between working onsite with their clients and in our office. All of our clients are local, so while you may not be at the same desk every day, you are in your own bed every night.