Fractional CFO Services

cfo-role-2If your business is not in a position to hire a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO), we can help. Signature Analytics acts as the accounting and finance department for our clients on an ongoing basis. We provide companies with a full accounting team and customize the level of ongoing accounting support that team provides based on the specific needs of the business and any internal accounting staff already in place.

This full team of highly experienced accountants includes a part-time/outsourced CFO to provide your business with the forward-looking financial analysis necessary to maximize profitability and the future value of your company. As your part-time or outsourced CFO, we can provide the following reports and analysis to help you more effectively run your company:

Cash Management & Forecasting

Cash flow problems can kill businesses that should otherwise survive. As your CFO, we will monitor cash flow and analyze cash flow projections on a regular basis to ensure your business does not run out of cash. This will allow you to predict when you will have a surplus of cash that you need to manage, or when you will have a shortage of cash and may require financing.

Budgeting & Expense Control

As your CFO, we will own the budgeting process, incorporating input from each department to provide the most accurate and complete projections. We will also monitor and report budgeted versus actual results on a quarterly or monthly basis and reforecast accordingly.

KPI Development & Analysis

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are different for every business. As your CFO, we will work closely with your operations and management teams to identify which KPIs are most applicable to your company. We will also support the analysis of those KPIs on a regular basis and suggest changes that can directly impact KPIs to help improve the future value of the company. This can include ensuring you are maximizing profit margins, utilizing employees appropriately, and analyzing revenues by revenue stream, among many others.

Compensation Plan Development

As your CFO, we will help to structure employee compensation plans that incentivize efficiency and are aligned with the financial goals of the company.

Year-Round Tax Planning

As your CFO, we will maintain consistent communication with tax preparers in an effort to minimize your company’s potential tax liability and maximize potential tax savings.

Internal Stakeholder Communications

As your CFO, we will prepare presentations for internal stakeholders (e.g., board members, investors, management, etc.) that clearly communicate the company’s financial information in an organized and easy to understand manner. The information will present trends to help visualize projections so the data can be used to drive business decisions.

External Stakeholder Communications

As your CFO, we can play a key role in identifying and securing investment and financing for your business. This may include:

  • Identifying capital requirements prior to approaching external stakeholders (e.g., financial institutions, investors, etc.) to ensure you raise the appropriate amount of capital required to support your growth plans.
  • Preparing presentations of the company’s financial information that allow potential investors or lenders to clearly understand the data so they are comfortable with the business’ performance.
  • Reviewing your banking relationships on a regular basis so you can be confident you will have access to financing on the best possible terms for your business.
  • Identifying the the capital needs of the company now and in the future and suggest the best way to meet those needs.
  • Assisting with any mergers and acquisitions activity whether you are interested in buying another business or exiting your own.

Ongoing Analysis & Review

As your CFO, all of these responsibilities will be viewed as ongoing processes that we will revisit on a regular pre-determined schedule and modified based on the most recent financial information available. Furthermore, all of the results will be measurable in order to track the success of the analysis being performed.

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