Signature Analytics’ highly experienced team of accounting and finance professionals can complement your internal employees, or serve as your entire department (CFO to staff accountant), and provide the ongoing accounting support and financial analysis necessary to more effectively run your company, analyze operations, and guide business decisions.

Your Outsourced Accounting & Finance Team


The Challenge for Businesses

Having timely and accurate accounting and financial information is imperative to running a successful business; however, the majority of small and mid-size businesses cannot support the costs of an entire accounting team. So they may hire a CFO or controller and overpay them to perform basic accounting functions. Or, more commonly, they may hire a bookkeeper and task them with responsibilities they’re not qualified to perform.

Full Accounting and Finance Team

Signature Analytics solves this challenge by providing companies with the resources of a full accounting team – ranging from a CFO who provides high-level financial analysis and oversight, to staff accountants who will perform basic accounting functions and reconciliation work. Our full team is at your disposal and you have the flexibility to only use – and pay for – the level of service you need, when you need it.

Flexible to Fit Your Business

Based on the level of ongoing accounting support you need, we can serve as your entire accounting and finance team, or we can leverage and support your internal staff. For some clients this means providing oversight and support to lower-level accounting employees, such as a bookkeeper or office manager; while other clients may have a controller or part-time CFO, where we would complement their higher-level accounting staff and perform the more basic accounting functions for the business.

Ongoing Accounting & Financial Support For Your Business

services-pyramidOur mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality accounting and finance expertise so they can make the best possible decisions for their business based on accurate accounting and financial analysis.

To do this, we start by establishing processes and controls surrounding key financial areas and providing timely and accurate financials and reports on a monthly/annual basis, including P&L statements, balance sheets, A/R aging reports, etc. We will then build upon that foundation by providing our clients with the actionable financial analysis and consulting needed to more effectively run their company, analyze operations, and guide business decisions.

Looking for more information? View a list of some of the accounting reports and financial analysis we can provide, or browse through our case studies.

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“We hired Signature Analytics after letting our Accountant go. We love how they give us an entire accounting department, from staff accountant to CFO, so we only pay for the level of services we need.”
CEO, Manufacturing Company
“Where others had failed, Signature Analytics was able to come in and bring order to our financial information within the first month of our relationship.”
CEO, Brewery
“We hired Signature Analytics before our auditors came in and my only regret is that we had not used them earlier. They were amazing to work with and now manage our entire accounting department.”
Owner, Biotech Company

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