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Signature Analytics provides outsourced accounting and financial services to small and mid-size companies in stages ranging from innovative start-ups to well-established businesses. Our clients typically have revenues of approximately $3 million to $100 million and span a variety of industries, including software, technology, biotech, manufacturing, food/beverage, apparel, construction, and advertising – just to name a few.

The accounting and finance needs of our clients will vary depending on their size, industry, internal resources, state of the business, etc. That is why we work closely with each of our clients to evaluate their needs and determine the most cost effective and efficient way for us to manage and support their accounting and finance functions.

Often, this is serving as the entire accounting and finance team and other times we support their existing internal staff. As our clients grow, their needs may change and we are flexible to quickly and efficiently adapt to those needs. We also have a built-in review process and proactively engage in regular discussions with our clients’ management to review Key Performance Indicators and ensure the value we are providing always exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Our Clients

Revenues between $3M – $100M: 90%
At least one internal accountant: 60%
Owner was acting as CFO: 75%


“Where others had failed in the past, Signature Analytics was able to come in and bring order to our financial information within the first month of our relationship. Beyond that, Signature Analytics has been proactive in all areas of our business, including introductions to other key business advisors, assistance with ongoing financing, development of Key Performance Indicators and projections, and analysis of ongoing cash management.”
CEO, San Diego Brewery
“Signature Analytics has been an invaluable advisor to our company and has integrated themselves into the fabric of our business. They understand our core beliefs and what we are trying to accomplish. Through their guidance, we now have accurate accounting records that we can rely on, to go with new SBA financing to further grow our business.”
CEO, Laboratory Service Provider
“We immediately identified the value that (Signature Analytics) provided and expanded their role to allow them to provide the CFO level responsibilities of our company. Signature Analytics has worked with our company Controller and Accounting Department to enhance our internal controls and processes, improve the reliability of our financial information, improve the timeliness of our monthly close process, establish a wonderful relationship with our bank, and increase the overall efficiencies and profitability of our company…”
CEO, Food Distributor

Client Case Studies

The below case studies are just a few examples of ways we have tailored our outsourced accounting services to meet the specific needs of our clients. Learn how providing each of these companies with the highest quality accounting resources enabled them to make better business decisions based on timely and accurate financials.


Outsourced Accounting & Analysis

Provided accurate, timely financial data so management could make better informed decisions.
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Outsourced Accounting & CFO

Provided accurate, timely financial data so management could make better informed decisions.
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Outsourced CFO

Provided outsourced CFO services to improve the reliability of reports and forecasting processes.
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Some of Our Clients


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