If you are working in public accounting, or have within the last few years, now may be the perfect time to take what you’ve learned and apply it in a new way – at an outsourced accounting firm like Signature Analytics. Read on for the top 12 reasons an accounting career with us is an ideal alternative to public accounting.

12 Reasons You Should Work at Signature Analytics

#1: Higher Pay

Signature Analytics pays more than the public accounting firms. In addition to a higher base salary, we also compensate for overtime. So if you wanted to put in the same hours demanded by public accounting firms, you could earn well over-and-above what you are (or were) making in public accounting. We also award quarterly bonuses that are tied to your personal performance, not the company’s performance, so you have control over what you receive.

#2: Shorter Hours

Say goodbye to feeling guilty for leaving “early” after a ten or eleven-hour work day. At Signature Analytics, utilization goals are based on a 40 hour work week and your hours are more consistent because we provide ongoing accounting support. Your schedule will also be more flexible since it is based on the client needs, not your manager’s or partner’s wishes.

#3: Focus on Forward-Looking Financial Analysis & Reporting

On the audit side of public accounting, work is focused on checking what happened in the past. At Signature Analytics, the majority of the work we perform for our clients is focused on analyzing real-time business operations and even projecting future periods. This will allow you to gain valuable experience overseeing and/or working in an accounting and finance department and give you the opportunity to learn new skills that will further your accounting career.

#4: Positively Impact Your Clients’ Business

Our accountants, especially at the CFO and controller levels, spend a significant amount of time on management/board of director reporting and developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for our clients. This is so we can provide their executives with the financial analysis they need to make better decisions based on thorough analysis. Through this work, you will have an opportunity to truly understand and help influence your client’s businesses and be around to see the benefits of those changes.

ryan-hs-rec“Working at Signature Analytics, I am able to assist companies and entrepreneurs with their accounting needs and help interpret the financial results for the investors. Through this, I have been able to further develop my understanding of how to operate a growing business. In public accounting, I did not have the opportunity to perform such tasks or to interact as intimately with CEOs and other decision makers.”

Ryan, Grant Thornton alumni
#5: No “Busy Season”

During busy season in public accounting, you can’t even make plans for dinner (unless you plan on eating at the office) let alone plans for the weekend. At Signature Analytics, you can have more of your life back. While you will still be managing month-end, quarter-end and year-end work, the hours are nothing like what you’ve experience while working for a public accounting firm, especially a “Big 4” firm.

#6: Varied Work

At Signature Analytics, you will have an opportunity to provide accounting support to businesses in a variety of industries, such as advertising, apparel, biotech, construction, food/beverage, manufacturing, and technology – just to name a few. So if you’re considering a career change, but are hesitant about transitioning from public accounting into private industry because you are not interested in focusing on just one specific area or industry, then an accounting career with Signature Analytics could be a perfect fit.

#7: Less Stress

Let’s face it, public accounting is stressful – almost to the point where you’re not working if you’re not stressed. At Signature Analytics, you will be providing ongoing accounting support to clients rather than working on back-to-back audit engagements, so the stress from any one day/week is cut down significantly.

rachel-hs-rec“During my time in public accounting, I was often working on too many clients at a time, all with very limited budgets, and did not feel I was given the appropriate resources to get the job done to the best of my ability. “Good enough” was the default goal, which was hard as someone with high expectations of myself. Now at Signature Analytics, client budgets are more flexible and identifying new ways to add value to the client is actually encouraged. I finally feel like I am set up to succeed and it makes work so much more enjoyable.”

Rachel, Deloitte alumni
#8: Have a Direct Impact on our Firm’s Growth

Working for a large public accounting firm, you can feel very far removed from the decision makers at the firm. At Signature Analytics, you will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with the managers making decisions and setting the policies for our company. Furthermore, our accountants at every level are encouraged to support business development activities and contribute their ideas regarding the future growth of Signature Analytics.

#9: Interact with Clients

Our accountants interact with multiple clients on a daily basis and simultaneously support a variety of companies in many different industries. These companies include innovative start-ups, as well as established businesses, and our accountants at every level interact directly with their highest levels of management.

#10: Work Alongside Other Accountants

In public accounting, you are working for and around a very bright, motivated and hardworking team of accountants. You may not be ready to give that up for a job in the private industry where you are typically part of a much smaller accounting team—often times even being a team of just 1 or 2 accountants depending on the size of the company. At Signature Analytics, you will be a part of a diverse team of some of the best and brightest accountants, at all different levels, most of whom also came from public accounting. You can all learn from each other while continuing to advance your accounting career.

#11: Better Work/Life Balance

In public accounting, long hours can send your work life balance out the door. We know you LOVE accounting, but more manageable hours means you will have more time for the other things you love too.

samantha-hs-rec“Working in public accounting, I lacked control of my schedule which made it difficult to make and commit to personal plans. I also had limited input regarding which clients I was to work on and when. At Signature Analytics, I have more control over my own schedule and am given the autonomy to prioritize my responsibilities based on client deadlines and plan my workday accordingly.”

Samantha, Grant Thornton alumni
#12: No Travel

In public accounting, you can sometimes be out of town for weeks at a time. As magical as staying at a hotel and eating out every night may have sounded when you started, it can lose its appeal real quick. Our accountants split their time between working at their clients’ offices and at the Signature Analytics office, depending on the day. All of our clients are local though, so you’re not stuck in the same desk all day, every day, but you are sleeping in your own bed every night.

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About Signature Analytics

Signature Analytics is an outsourced accounting firm providing ongoing accounting support and financial analysis to small and mid-size businesses. Depending on the clients’ needs, we will act as the entire accounting department (CFO to staff accountant), or customize our services to complement the internal accounting resources they already have in place.

Most of our clients are small and mid-size businesses with revenues ranging from start-up to $100 million, spanning a variety of industries, including: software, technology, biotech, manufacturing, food/beverage, apparel, construction, and advertising – just to name a few.

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